Knowledge Representation And Reasoning

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Computer Science, Artificial intelligence

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Ontology language, Simple Knowledge Organization System, Vivification, Shyster, Means-ends analysis, Semantic network, Reasoning system, Reason maintenance, Legal expert system, Production system, Production Rule Representation, Gellish, Semantic analytics, Ontology alignment, LSID, Default logic, Frame, Open-world assumption, Turtle, Datalog, Negation as failure, Situation calculus, OWL-S, RDF/XML, IPv6 packet, N-Triples, Inner model theory, Ontology Inference Layer, Commonsense reasoning, Event calculus, Answer set programming, Ontology editor, Rule Interchange Format, Belief revision, Preferential entailment, Commonsense knowledge, Ontology, Closed-world assumption, Bibliographic Ontology, Meronomy, Non-monotonic logic, Semantic Web Rule Language, RDF, Model-based reasoning, Web Ontology Language, Universal Networking Language, MultiNet, Semantic Web, Cwm, Circumscription, Open Knowledge Base Connectivity, F-logic, Allen's interval algebra, Knowledge Interchange Format, Haystack, Conceptualization, Fluent calculus, Automated reasoning, Social Semantic Web, Semantic reasoner, Rete algorithm, Principle of rationality, Topic Maps, WordNet, Qualitative reasoning, Ontology components, SPARQL, Swoogle, Yale shooting problem, Description logic, Defeasible reasoning, CycL, Frame problem, RDF Schema, Attribute-value system, Upper ontology, Is-a

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