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Knowledge-based systems, Expert system, Decision support system, Gene expression programming, Intelligent agent, Hyper-heuristic, Human-based computation, Human–robot interaction, Knowledge base, Digital physics, Humor research, Virtual reality, Superintelligence, Reinforcement learning, Futures Studies, Biomechatronics, Medical cybernetics, Mechatronics, Swarm intelligence, Temporal difference learning, Tektology, Fuzzy control system, Artificial psychology, Simulated reality, Biorobotics, Learning classifier system, Knowledge engineering, Neurocybernetics, Intelligent control, Evolutionary computation, Intelligent decision support system, Heuristic, Adaptive system, Computational intelligence, Rule-based system, Natural language programming, Autonomic computing, Soft computing, State space search, Affective computing, Connectionism, Synthetic intelligence, Machine vision, Statistical relational learning, Computer-automated design, Evolutionary algorithm, Computational humor, Robotics, Knowledge extraction, Multi-agent system, Developmental robotics, Convolutional neural network, Biocybernetics, Robopsychology, Clinical decision support system, Cybernetics, Systems philosophy, Intelligence amplification, Knowledge representation and reasoning, Dialog system, Metaheuristic, Cognitive computing, Artificial reality, Embodied cognitive science, Automated planning and scheduling

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