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Laser peening, Electrokinetic phenomena, Gold number, McLeod gauge, Liquid handling robot, Protein adsorption, Freundlich equation, Flue gas, Stranski–Krastanov growth, Sparging, Electrochemical scanning tunneling microscope, Reactions on surfaces, Dealkalization, Sorption, Elution, Self-assembled monolayer, Adsorption, Szyszkowski equation, Sticking coefficient, Bergius process, BET theory, Oxy-fuel, Adhesion, Sublimation apparatus, Condensation particle counter, Heterogeneous catalysis, Atomic layer epitaxy, Pickering emulsion, Surface second harmonic generation, Burette, Auger electron spectroscopy, Sorption isotherm, Point of zero charge, Diffusiophoresis, Electrophoretic light scattering, Electron nuclear double resonance, Homogeneous, Field electron emission, Wet oxidation, Space charge, Thermal desorption spectroscopy, Low-energy electron diffraction, Sol, Interface and colloid science, Peptization, Absorption, Langmuir, Single-walled carbon nanohorn, Cold welding, Critical micelle concentration, Surface energy, Molecular sieve, Langmuir adsorption model, Geometric and material buckling, Wetting, Cladding, Supercritical water oxidation, Colloid vibration current, Colloidal crystal, Chemisorption, Thermal contact conductance, Wien effect, Chemical beam epitaxy, Surface reconstruction, Flocculation, Specific surface area, Analytical thermal desorption, Catastrophic optical damage, Particle size, Contact angle, Pipette, Particle counter, Deposition, Surface stress, Ultra-high vacuum, Field emission microscopy, Evaporation, Desorption, Colloidal particle, Bilayer, Sublimation, Gibbs isotherm, Level sensor, Staged combustion, Hydrogen purifier, Degasification, Specific surface energy, Phonon scattering, Dispersion, Adatoms, Monolayer, Colloid, Work function, Langmuir–Blodgett film, Inverse gas chromatography, Bulk cargo, Polymer adsorption, Rydberg matter, Getter, Vacuum level, Dukhin number, Surface diffusion, Lipid microdomain

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