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1970 Introduction To Linear System Theory

1985 A Linear-system-theoretic View of Discrete-event Processes and Its Use For Performance Evaluation in Manufacturing

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1991 Topics in Matrix Analysis: Contents

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1990 A one-equation Turbulence Transport Model For High Reynolds Number Wall-bounded Flows

1963 The Theory of Definite Automata

1993 Fast Fourier Transforms For Nonequispaced Data

1989 Algebraic Tools For The Performance Evaluation of Discrete Event Systems

1984 Exact Nonlinear Control of Large Angle Rotational Maneuvers

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1973 A Proposal For Standard Linear Algebra Subprograms

1970 An introduction To Error-correcting Codes

1985 Matrix Analysis: Frontmatter

1998 Casper: A Compiler For The Analysis of Security Protocols

1985 Process Versus Product: A Perspective on Tools For Communal and informal Electronic Learning.

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1938 Elementary Matrices: Contents