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Instance-based learning, Data stream mining, Feature selection, Heuristic, Gene expression programming, Swarm intelligence, Connectionism, Fuzzy control system, Recommender system, Unsupervised learning, Linear discriminant analysis, Intelligent word recognition, Feature learning, Probabilistic classification, Conceptual clustering, Convolutional neural network, Evolutionary computation, Intelligent character recognition, Semi-supervised learning, Computer-automated design, Algorithmic learning theory, Biological neural network, Computational intelligence, Computational learning theory, Anomaly detection, Learning to rank, Hidden Markov model, Artificial neural network, Computational neuroscience, Reinforcement learning, Deep learning, Soft computing, Automated planning and scheduling, Statistical relational learning, Ensemble learning, Statistical classification, Temporal difference learning, Granular computing, Handwriting recognition, Learning classifier system, Clinical decision support system, Intelligent control, Evolutionary algorithm, Supervised learning, Concept learning, Proactive learning, Deep belief network, Knowledge integration, Inductive programming

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