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Conchology, Arboriculture, Somatology, Ecosystem ecology, Ethnobotany, Forensic palynology, Dendrology, Plant morphology, Phylogenetics, Plant ecology, Ecophysiology, Palynology, Natural philosophy, Ethnobiology, Paleobotany, Phytochemistry, Ethnomycology, Cell theory, Plant breeding, Plant genetics, African-American history, Economic botany, Malacology, Phytogeography, Systematic Botany, Cell physiology, Natural history, Ethnopsychopharmacology, Vertebrate paleontology, Forensic biology, Phytosociology, Mycology, Plant physiology, Allelopathy, Virus classification, Plant anatomy, Phenology, Marine biology, Ornithology, Chemurgy, Entomology, Tropical horticulture, Taxonomy, Deep homology, Phycology, Pomology, Pharmacognosy

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