Functional Analysis

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Mathematics, Topology, Algebra

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Schwartz space, Reproducing kernel Hilbert space, Strong operator topology, Fréchet derivative, Unitary operator, Maximal function, C*-algebra, Well-ordering theorem, Hilbert manifold, Antiunitary operator, Strongly monotone, Hermitian adjoint, Uniform limit theorem, Constructive analysis, Distributed parameter system, Multiresolution analysis, Distortion problem, Uniform continuity, Wavelet packet decomposition, Pushforward measure, Regular measure, Vector-valued function, Oscillator representation, Neumann series, Orthonormal basis, Cylinder set measure, Modes of convergence, Affiliated operator, Bochner integral, Bounded variation, Dixmier trace, Dirac measure, Normed algebra, Marcinkiewicz interpolation theorem, Equivalence, Linear form, Relatively compact subspace, Null set, Concentration of measure, Eigenfunction, Borel measure, Unitary transformation, Stone–Weierstrass theorem, Nowhere dense set, Locally integrable function, Partial trace, Real-valued function, Dual topology, Compactly generated space, Convex metric space, Functional calculus, Counting measure, Limit of a sequence, Complete metric space, Complex-valued function, Sigma-algebra, Projection, Spectral theorem, Weak convergence, Hartley transform, Operator norm, Distribution, Uniform norm, Separated sets, Fréchet space, Uniform boundedness principle, Quantum logic, Holomorphic functional calculus, Cauchy sequence, Sturm–Liouville theory, Luzin N property, Successor cardinal, Strong topology, Banach space, Quasi-continuous function, Injective metric space, Riesz potential, Composition operator, Sequence, Fatou's lemma, Rigged Hilbert space, Isometry group, Bounded inverse theorem, Group algebra, Nullcline, Orthogonal complement, Leaky integrator, Thomae's function, Malliavin derivative, Gδ set, Continuous linear operator, Positive-definite kernel, Caccioppoli set, Baire measure, Hardy space, Complex measure, Ergodic Ramsey theory, Closed graph theorem, Quasinormal operator, Bounded function, Bessel's inequality, Radon–Nikodym theorem, Monotone convergence theorem, Proximity space, Operator algebra, Dykstra's projection algorithm, Weak derivative, Tensor product of Hilbert spaces, Peano curve, Neighbourhood system, Poincaré inequality, Unit sphere, Vector measure, Choquet theory, Differentiation of integrals, Riemann–Liouville integral, c space, Chain complete, Opial property, Moment problem, Young measure, Normal operator, Hamburger moment problem, Uniform boundedness, Daniell integral, Ultraweak topology, Birkhoff interpolation, Prewellordering, Basis, Hadamard transform, Geometry of numbers, Fredholm integral equation, Multiplier, Transform theory, Radon measure, Banach–Alaoglu theorem, Schauder fixed point theorem, Summation equation, Self-adjoint operator, Arzelà–Ascoli theorem, Integral transform, Parseval's identity, Pseudo-differential operator, Hilbert space, Walsh function, Lp space, Totally bounded space, Entanglement witness, Kantorovich inequality, Vanish at infinity, Operator theory, Szegő kernel, Vague topology, Minkowski inequality, Riesz representation theorem, Sublinear function, Complete measure, Sequence space, Measurable function, Fubini's theorem, Besov space, Trace class, Obstacle problem, Bounded mean oscillation, Hausdorff maximal principle, Subsequence, Bochner space, Essential supremum and essential infimum, Weak operator topology, Perfect set property, Unconditional convergence, Sobolev space, Hahn–Banach theorem, Cauchy–Schwarz inequality, Sobolev inequality, Volterra integral equation, Functional derivative, Strictly convex space, Biorthogonal system, Krein–Milman theorem, Dual norm, Covariance operator, Interpolation space, Transverse measure, Bounded operator, Dual pair, Fredholm theory, Contraction, Shift operator, Compact operator, Multiplication operator, Integral equation, Dominated convergence theorem, Nest algebra, Operator topologies, Lebesgue integration, Bergman kernel, C0-semigroup, Nuclear operator, Absolute continuity, Universally measurable set, Closed set, Schatten norm, Locally compact space, Baire category theorem, Topological vector space, Invariant subspace problem, Property of Baire, Isometry, Normed vector space, Star refinement, Weak topology, Almost everywhere, Reflexive space, Non-measurable set, Square-integrable function, Sylvester equation, Gelfand–Naimark theorem, Schatten class operator, Pointwise convergence, Essential range, POVM, Pathological, Convex cone, Open mapping theorem, Dense set, Hölder's inequality, Dual space, Dissipative operator, Weak formulation, Convergence of Fourier series, Spectral theory, Positive element, Baire space, Topological tensor product, Absolutely convex set, Total variation, Generalized function, Hölder condition, Jacobi operator, Subbase, Function space, Abelian von Neumann algebra, Approximation property, Mellin inversion theorem, Polarization identity, Lipschitz domain, Trichotomy, Singular value, Functional determinant, Trace operator, Nuclear space, Schur's theorem, Gâteaux derivative, Cameron–Martin theorem, Tsirelson space, Positive-definite function, Modulus of continuity, Borel functional calculus, Locally convex topological vector space, Montel space, Elliptic boundary value problem, Von Neumann algebra, Square root of a matrix, Normal matrix, Helly's theorem, Riesz–Fischer theorem, ba space, Semi-continuity, Ergodic theory, Continuous function, Unbounded operator, Borel equivalence relation, Set function, Dual cone and polar cone, Convex set, Contraction mapping, Mizar system, Finite-rank operator, Bounded set, Compact convergence, Reflexive operator algebra, Colombeau algebra, Lipschitz continuity, Lebesgue–Stieltjes integration, Pseudometric space, Schauder basis, Inner product space, Algebraic interior, Bergman space, Vitali covering lemma, Signed measure, Operator space, Equicontinuity, Ergodicity, Tychonoff's theorem, Extreme point, Spectral radius, Cantor function, Measure, Kolmogorov space, Convex hull, Norm, Simple function, Metrization theorem, Fréchet distribution, Strictly singular operator, Uniformly convex space, Baskakov operator, Polar decomposition, Scale

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