X-ray Crystallography

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Physics, Chemistry, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Crystallography

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Transmission-line matrix method, Protein–protein interaction, Cryo-electron microscopy, Voltage-gated ion channel, C-terminus, Molecular mass, Jog, Flavoprotein, Selexol, Polyamorphism, Self-healing hydrogels, Multiple isomorphous replacement, Columnar phase, Structural motif, N ray, Annulene, Substrate reduction therapy, Lazarus effect, Ion channel, Dynamical theory of diffraction, EF-Tu, Ultrastructure, Patterson function, Plastocyanin, Protein kinase A, Globular protein, Symporter, Laue equations, Non-covalent interactions, Index ellipsoid, Transfer RNA, Tetravalence, Neomorphism, Dry lab, Head shadow, Seed crystal, Ferredoxin, C-DNA, Repeat unit, Protein family, Tungsten, Nucleic acid, TRPN, Spliceosome, Kozak consensus sequence, Catastrophic optical damage, Shielding effect, Protoporphyrinogen oxidase, Molar mass distribution, Lotus effect, Biocatalysis, Phase center, Triple helix, Rainflow-counting algorithm, Goniometer, Reciprocal lattice, Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Single bond, Chemical specificity, Substrate, Carboxylesterase 1, LRP1, Oxygenase, Ewald's sphere, Pauling's rules, Ribonucleoprotein particle, N-slit interferometric equation, Helix-turn-helix, Amorphous carbon, Side chain, Oxygen, Flash photolysis, Magnetic resonance force microscopy, Auger electron spectroscopy, X-ray optics, Elastomer, Texture, Lone pair, Protein secondary structure, Effective porosity, Protein–protein interaction prediction, Dissociation constant, Ribonucleoprotein, Optical rotation, Kinetic proofreading, Heterotrimeric G protein, Alkaline phosphatase, Homology modeling, Cat's-whisker detector, RecBCD, Trigonal crystal system, Cofactor, Rhodopsin, Gross examination, Pseudomorph, Oligopeptide, Amorphous solid, Digital holographic microscopy, Lloyd's mirror, Phosphodiesterase, Chromium hydride, 7SK RNA, Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid, Turn, APAF1, Myrosinase, Natural bond orbital, Peptide plane flipping, TRPM3, Radiation damage, Radius of gyration, Carbonado, Unpaired electron, Mother liquor, Supersaturation, MMDB, Scatchard plot, Optical autocorrelation, Interstitial defect, Urea cycle, Debye function, Reptation, Cyclol, Eukaryotic initiation factor, eIF4A, Binding site, Allosteric enzyme, ATP synthase, Amorphous ice, Protein kinase R, Tetragonal crystal system, Proteorhodopsin, Powder diffraction, Permease, Protein folding, Protein structure prediction, Kirchhoff's diffraction formula, Atomic mass unit, Alkali–carbonate reaction, Van der Waals surface, Fresnel diffraction, Prp24, Coiled coil, Time reversal signal processing, Enzyme-linked receptor, Protein tertiary structure, Lipid bilayer mechanics, Eukaryotic Linear Motif resource, Lipid bilayer fusion, Ball-and-stick model, Heterogeneous ribonucleoprotein particle, Pectinase, Liquid oxygen, Crystallin, Composition of Mars, Self-assembly, Jones calculus, Plane of incidence, Amidase, GroEL, Oxygen tank, Heptad repeat, Atomic spacing, Acicular, Bond strength, Dislocation, Gs alpha subunit, Rhenium, Digestion, Ion implantation, Collision cascade, Oxidative phosphorylation, Streak, Inward-rectifier potassium ion channel, Diffraction topography, Particle-induced X-ray emission, Phenocryst, Ionic bonding, Disclination, Levinthal's paradox, Combination reaction, Pencil, Membrane protein, TRPA, Recovery, Pore-forming toxin, Complement factor I, Isostere, Aromaticity, Young's interference experiment, Biological small-angle scattering, Martensite, Carboxylation, Kapton, Miller index, Austenite, Space group, Oxyanion hole, Hydrogen, Formal charge, Micelle, Native state, Antiporter, Electron tomography, Photoelastic modulator, Surface plasmon resonance, Octet rule, Interference, Holographic grating, Bicyclic molecule, Macromolecular assembly, Photostimulated luminescence, Veterinary virology, snRNP, G protein, Potassium channel, Scissile bond, Phase problem, Hairpin ribozyme, Carboxypeptidase, Resonance, Fourier shell correlation, Solid solution, Succinyl coenzyme A synthetase, Peroxidase, Multipath interference, TRPML, Everhart-Thornley detector, Phenylalanine hydroxylase, Oxide minerals, Ribonucleotide reductase, Structure factor, Random coil, Phosphodiester bond, Rossmann fold, Centrosymmetry, Dendrimer, Major facilitator superfamily, Protein Data Bank (RCSB PDB), Respirometry, Van der Waals radius, Ptychography, Residual entropy, Testin, Decantation, Aerolysin, Vibrational circular dichroism, Prokaryotic translation, Hydrolyzed protein, Fatty acid, Silicon, Phosphate minerals, Diffractometer, Transamination, Martian soil, Lipoprotein lipase, Viral envelope, F-Center, Crystallite, Z-matrix, Space-filling model, Reflection high-energy electron diffraction, Symmetry operation, X-ray reflectivity, Beta ferrite, Phase-contrast imaging, Aluminosilicate, Sextuple bond, Isoelectric point, Combustion, Rietveld refinement, Diffraction grating, Cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel, Cholesterol 24-hydroxylase, Thermoluminescent dosimeter, Polyelectrolyte, Fraunhofer diffraction, Bent bond, Holography, Diffuse sky radiation, Macromolecule, Selenium, Excluded volume, Binding domain, Electron backscatter diffraction, Sinistral and dextral, P700, Storage protein, Huygens–Fresnel principle, Transient receptor potential channel, Glide plane, Degree of polymerization, Bleb, Cytochrome P450, Water on Mars, Strecker amino acid synthesis, Pearlite, Polymer characterization, Eutectic system, Cubic crystal system, Kröger–Vink notation, Proximity effect, Reverse Monte Carlo, Anthrax toxin, Cyclic peptide, Clathrin, Neutron diffraction, Divalent, Specific gravity, Light-dependent reactions, Biological value, Orbital hybridisation, Shearography, Elbs reaction, Quantum graph, Photosynthetic reaction centre, Die swell, Mueller calculus, Molecular models of DNA, Enzyme kinetics, Monoclinic crystal system, MEROPS, Crazing, Cytosol, Envelope, Hydrogen bond, Hydrophobe, Diamond cubic, Voltage-gated potassium channel, X-ray scattering techniques, cccDNA, Metallic bonding, Branching, Cajal body, Crystal growth, Electronic effect, Ripple tank, KcsA potassium channel, Absorption edge, Polarimeter, Phase retrieval, Formula unit, Poloxamer, Great Oxygenation Event, Pseudoknot, Beamline, Jablonski diagram, Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Peptide sequence, Avrami equation, Diffraction, Glutathione, Terbium, Electron transport chain, Distributed Bragg reflector, Molecular configuration, Snowflake, Lactose permease, Delocalized electron, Grain boundary strengthening, Ternary complex, Bonding in solids, Structure validation, Asbestiform, Differential centrifugation, Tobacco mosaic virus, Discotic liquid crystal, TIM barrel, Triboluminescence, Wide-angle X-ray scattering, Biosensor, Flow birefringence, Metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy, Molecular geometry, Pegmatite, Crystallographic point group, Burgers vector, Dysprosium, Mineral hydration, Airy disk, Hemeprotein, Water of crystallization, Fiber diffraction, Sigma bond, Electrostatic lens, Network covalent bonding, Non-competitive inhibition, Receptor, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Serial dilution, Strained silicon, Solid solution strengthening, TRPM, Condensation reaction, Diamond color, Synchrotron radiation, Lipocalin, Scanning electron microscope, Clay minerals, Chemical decomposition, Atom vibrations, Formins, Signal transduction, Biological hydrogen production, Electron microscope, Chemical ligation, Crystallization of polymers, Dynamic structure factor, Staggered conformation, Phase change, Effective nuclear charge, Crystallographic defect, A-DNA, Peripheral membrane protein, Pelletizing, Protein quaternary structure, Rfam, Thin-film interference, Enzyme assay, Picometre, Tandem pore domain potassium channel, eIF2, Lustre, Hemidesmosome, Calcium-activated potassium channel, Inositol trisphosphate receptor, Fresnel number, Grazing-incidence small-angle scattering, GRENOUILLE, Capsid, Hydrogen peroxide, Hafnium, Blazed grating, Crystal engineering, Glycolysis, High pressure, Gas electron diffraction, Autotaxin, Fatty acid synthase, Pleckstrin homology domain, Self-healing material, Strengthening mechanisms of materials, Microstructure, Beta hairpin, Protein subunit, Superlattice, Pleochroism, Arenium ion, Presenilin, Diffraction formalism, Crystal momentum, Bacteriorhodopsin, Protein kinase C, HOMO/LUMO, Granulite, Heteroatom, Angstrom, Spiral, Single particle analysis, Lipid raft, Cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase, Ion transporter, Low-energy electron diffraction, Hexagonal crystal system, Rab, Megacryst, High-resolution transmission electron microscopy, Close-packing of equal spheres, Acetogenesis, Polymer degradation, Stacking-fault energy, Protonation, Alpha sheet, Micropipe, Cytolysin, Hydrophobic effect, Phosphoglycerate mutase, Atomic packing factor, Crystallographic Information File, Molten globule, Schneider 2 cells, Molecular entity, Low-barrier hydrogen bond, Hydrothermal circulation, Beta sheet, Fibonacci quasicrystal, P680, Copper protein, Aspartate carbamoyltransferase, Frank-Read Source, Germanium, Bond cleavage, Crystal twinning, Cryofixation, N-terminus, Electron spectroscopy, Biomolecular structure, Octahedral molecular geometry, Nitroprusside reaction, Metalloproteinase, Matrix, Worm-like chain, Crystal, Amphiphile, Volumetric display, Transmembrane domain, Enzyme activator, Small-angle X-ray scattering, Oxygen concentrator, Gaussian network model, Neutron economy, Thermolysin, Isostructural, R-factor, Oxygen saturation, Capsomere, Post-perovskite, Chou–Fasman method, Recrystallization, Turnover number, Momentum transfer, Cocrystal, Fire-safe polymers, Helper virus, Catalytic triad, Ground noise, GTPase-activating protein, Quasicrystal, Length measurement, Brushite, Endocytosis, Collimated light, Enzymatic hydrolysis, Slip, CASP, Ribozyme, Hydrophobicity scales, X-ray laser, Peptidomimetic, Guanine nucleotide exchange factor, Schoenflies notation, CATH, Conchoidal fracture, Transducin, Contrast transfer function, ATP-binding cassette family, Electron crystallography, Kikuchi line, Branch migration, Paracrystalline, Molar volume, Forming gas, Diamond type, Bragg's law, Active site, Depolymerization, Beta helix, Crystal system, Dihydrogen complex, Photopsin, Dichroism, Extended X-ray absorption fine structure, Protein ligand, Tetrahedral molecular geometry, Actin-binding protein, Low-voltage electron microscope, Ion, Transmission electron microscopy, Nucleotidyltransferase, Catalysis, Molecular orbital theory, Microcrystalline, Ectodomain, Protein disulfide-isomerase, Pearson symbol, Firedamp, Transmembrane protein, Alliinase, Triclinic crystal system, Hofmeister series, Primitive cell, Importin, Intrinsic termination, Deamination, Helix, X-ray absorption fine structure, Perovskite, Chemical structure, Electron energy loss spectroscopy, Argininosuccinate synthase, Chromoprotein, Centrifugation, Glutamate decarboxylase, Diamond anvil cell, Beta barrel, Optical rotatory dispersion, Metabolism, Ribbon diagram, Carboxypeptidase A, Protein structure database, Cross-link, Enzyme, Amino acid synthesis, Polyamide, Non-coding RNA, Polarization rotator, Pyridyne, Coordination number, Condensation polymer, Structural Classification of Proteins database, Polymer architecture, Atoms in molecules, Single crystal, Hydrolysis, Protein Data Bank, Diffusion limited enzyme, Transition metal dioxygen complex, Circular dichroism, Calcium, Photoelasticity, X-ray microscope, Schottky defect, Inorganic Crystal Structure Database, Z-DNA, Wyckoff positions, Random close pack, Alpha-lactalbumin, Covalent bond, Hapticity, Vinyl, Crystallization, ATPase, Meridiani Planum, Polymerization, Protein structure, Stiles–Crawford effect, Geode, Distonic ion, Crystal habit, Hydrophile, Globin fold, Integral membrane protein, Vitronectin, Diluent, Dark current, Undulose extinction, 310 helix, Protein precursor, Dispersity, Structural coloration, Lipid bilayer, Porphobilinogen synthase, Nitrosylation, GroES, Hydrotalcite, Ribosome, HMG-CoA reductase, Transporter Classification Database, Facet, Birefringence, Valence bond theory, Scanning confocal electron microscopy, Fresnel zone, Iridescence, Ion chromatography, Orthorhombic crystal system, 30S, Lipid bilayer phase behavior, Trigonal pyramidal molecular geometry, Membrane transport protein, Small-angle neutron scattering, Stretch-activated ion channel, TRPM2, Solid oxygen, Synthetic resin, Onium compound, Silicate perovskite, CAMP test, Speckle noise, Macromolecular crowding, Carbon, Halogen bond, Scherrer equation, Foldamer, Counts per minute, X-ray filter, 50S, Ferrosilicon, Dislocation creep, Critical radius, Eudiometer, Aryne, Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Trigonal planar molecular geometry, Steric effects, GTPase, Line group, Selected area diffraction, Pi helix, Loop modeling, Crystal optics, Peierls stress, Metastability, Beta bulge, Epitaxy, Vacancy defect, Covalent radius, Nuclear pore, Radical, Elongation factor, Nanocrystalline material, Aminoacylation, Serine/threonine-specific protein kinase, Lewis structure, Radiant intensity, Phosphatase, Cooperative binding, Photopigment, Surface reconstruction, Immobilized enzyme, Bainite, ATP-binding cassette transporter, Nucleation, Cleavage, Photosystem II, Ligand-gated ion channel, Dihedral angle, Nucleic acid tertiary structure, Speckle pattern, Rubber toughening, Enzyme Commission number, Bond order, Electron density, Reductase, Bacterial rhodopsins, Bond length, Second messenger system, Ethylene propylene rubber, Stokes parameters, 5S ribosomal RNA, Coherent diffraction imaging, Zone plate, Iceland spar, Cyanometer, VS ribozyme, Amygdule, Small-angle scattering, Hot mirror, Regulatory enzymes, Globin, van der Waals force, Stem-loop, Scanning transmission electron microscopy, Helix bundle, Halorhodopsin, Membrane, Crystallinity, Orientations of Proteins in Membranes database, BK channel, Aeration, De novo protein structure prediction, Persistence length, Fluorescence anisotropy, Crystal structure, Waveplate, Hermann–Mauguin notation, Linear dichroism, Chlorosome, Chlorine, Trans-splicing, Grain boundary, Atomic radius, Diffusionless transformation, Protein domain, CASTEP, Cell surface receptor, Electron acceptor, Ramachandran plot, Diamond flaws, Redox, Nuclear transport, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, Scleroprotein, Monod-Wyman-Changeux model, Protein primary structure, Pi bond, Biomolecular complex, Bond energy, Electron microprobe, Multi-wavelength anomalous dispersion, Aquaporin, Photosystem I, Molecular model, Thermochromism, Amorphism, Transition state analog, Diffraction efficiency, Davisson–Germer experiment, Holonomic brain theory, Allotropy, Alpha-4 beta-2 nicotinic receptor, Ultracentrifuge, Electron diffraction, Neutron scattering, Biological membrane, Dual-polarization interferometry, Sulfur, Polymer, Carbon dioxide, Amphibole, Characteristic X-ray, Osmoprotectant, Disulfide bond, Residual stress, Arago spot, Guided-mode resonance, Enzyme catalysis, Cytochrome b6f complex, Cross-linked enzyme aggregate, Gene, Optical theorem, Isozyme, Membrane fluidity, Cytoglobin, Lattice constant, Actinin, Delta bond, Hemolysin, Translation, Focused ion beam, Monomer, Cell cortex, Magnesium, Pyrolytic carbon, Ionic radius, Environmental scanning electron microscope, Ostwald ripening, Ion beam mixing, Phlogiston theory, Raphide, Protomer, Material properties of diamond, Allosteric regulation, Purine metabolism, TRPC, Isoelectronicity, Alpha helix, Linear molecular geometry, Ozone, Phospholipase, Reverse Krebs cycle, Absolute configuration, Peptide bond, Isopropyl, Fibroin, MMP1, Gram, Ultrasonic grating, X-ray fluorescence, Chemical bond, Madelung constant, Threading, Amino acid, Neutron reflectometry, Pentose phosphate pathway, Acousto-optics, Endmember, Double bond, Posttranslational modification, Triple-stranded DNA, Lattice plane, Protein crystallization, Tripeptide, Magnetic structure, Superabsorbent polymer, MODELLER, Bravais lattice

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