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Brushed DC electric motor, Machine ethics, PackBot, Pneumatic cylinder, Peaucellier–Lipkin linkage, Inverted pendulum, Cam follower, Rate gyro, Snake-arm robot, Spiral bevel gear, Telerobotics, Visibility polygon, Spectral splatter, Spitting, Non-circular gear, Dextre, Pinion, Potentiometer, Kinematic pair, D*, Tactile sensor, Servomotor, Mechanism, Belt drive, Artificial lung, Humanoid robot, Preferred walking speed, Motor controller, PMUT, Electronic speed control, Domo, Hot work, Biomimetics, Paparazzi Project, Limit switch, Inverse kinematics, Mobile robot, Worm drive, Epipolar geometry, Self-reconfiguring modular robot, Countersteering, Fish locomotion, Snakebot, Quantum tunnelling composite, Detent, Nickel titanium, Robot locomotion, Powered exoskeleton, Resolver, Robocrane, Rhex, Hoist, SCARA, Chebychev–Grübler–Kutzbach criterion, Rescue robot, Linkage, Apogee kick motor, Gimbal lock, Minimum resolvable contrast, Force-sensing resistor, Brake, Electric resistance welding, Turtle, Visual odometry, Zero moment point, Wheel and axle, Motion planning, Initial stability, Robotic mapping, Social robot, Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, Laboratory automation, Inertia wheel pendulum, Signal transfer function, Passive dynamics, Sensor fusion, HERO, Actuator, Subsumption architecture, LAURON, Suspension, Stiquito, Electric generator, Sensor, Prismatic joint, Rapidly exploring random tree, Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filter, Pulley, Revolute joint, Four-bar linkage, Piezoelectric motor, Personal robot, Ant robotics, Sprocket, Yaw-rate sensor, Robotic arm, Leonardo, Electro-Mechanical Modeling, Tire balance, Ultrasonic motor, Smart system, Media Lab Europe's social robots, Color normalization, Friction welding, Looj, Mobile robot navigation, Non-contact force, Flash welding, Vortex tube, Automation, Field coil, Robot calibration, Linear actuator, Uncanny valley, Clockwork, Axle, Robotic sensing, Behavior-based robotics, Air classifier, Kinematic chain, Frankenstein complex, Robot, Wheelie, Teleoperation, Electric motor, Unimate, Bevel gear, Electromechanics, Synchronous Serial Interface, SERCOS interface, Paro, Mechanical system, Joint constraints, PROFINET, Active vision, Robot end effector, Submerged arc welding, Ethernet Powerlink, Transhuman, Laser beam welding, Rotary actuator, Forward kinematics, Power electronics, Artificial muscle, Underactuation, Machine perception, Automaton, Liquid handling robot, Bicycle and motorcycle geometry, Ideal machine, DC motor, Shock, Simultaneous localization and mapping, Articulated robot, Suspension, Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly, Screw, Animatronics, Cartesian coordinate robot, Vehicle brake, Vibration-powered generator, Servo, Robot welding, Milk run, Tico Robot, Evolutionary robotics, Cam, Remote manipulator, Differential pulley, Philosophy of artificial intelligence, Rotor, Induction motor, Involute gear, Bicycle and motorcycle dynamics, Haptic technology, Drawbar pull, Kismet, Gear ratio, Motion system, Automatic target recognition, Fillet weld, Incremental heuristic search, Roboethics, Wakamaru, Ford viscosity cup, Backhoe loader, Electron beam welding, DYNAMIXEL, Armature, Six-bar linkage, Spline, Synchro, Vehicle infrastructure integration, iCub, Motion control, Bolted joint, Manipulator, Servo drive, MTConnect, Inertia coupling, Space archaeology, Bio-inspired robotics, Braitenberg vehicle, AIBO, Plastic welding, Profibus, Electromechanical coupling coefficient, Remote control vehicle, Commutator, Kinematics equations, Gear train, Gear, Graveyard orbit, Robot kinematics, Compliant mechanism, Robonaut, Mecanum wheel, Delta robot, Electric beacon, Hexapod, Mobile manipulator, Turing test, Vector Field Histogram, Inclined plane, Extensometer, Ground pressure, Robot combat, Reluctance motor, Spot welding, Camera resectioning, Superconducting electric machine, Pneumatic actuator, Hunting oscillation, Radio control, Universal motor, Speed wobble, Robotic Refueling Mission, Simple machine, Three-CCD camera, Educational robotics, Rotary variable differential transformer, Yaw, Friction stir welding, Servomechanism, Machine, Six degrees of freedom, Excavator, AC/AC converter, Enon, Remote control, Rotation around a fixed axis, Rotary encoder, Odometry, Robot control, Pfaffian constraint, Linear encoder, Stewart platform, Kinodynamic planning, Parallel manipulator, Mark I Fire Control Computer, Denavit–Hartenberg parameters, Welding, Bionics, Ubiquitous robot, Double inverted pendulum, Inverse dynamics, Furuta pendulum, Fluxgate compass, Caster, Kinematic diagram, ASIMO, Obstacle avoidance, Shape-memory alloy, Degrees of freedom, Plasma cutting

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