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Physics, Quantum mechanics, Optics

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K-alpha, Doubly ionized oxygen, Helmet streamer, Ampoule, Bremsstrahlung, Skyglow, Diatomic molecule, Diode-pumped solid-state laser, Gas-discharge lamp, Helmholtz resonator, Planck's law, Bandwidth-limited pulse, Optical cavity, Laser, Ellipsometry, Atomic electron transition, Atmospheric optics, Plasma cleaning, Spin label, Spectral power distribution, A-type main-sequence star, Optical medium, Electromagnetic spectrum, Submillimetre astronomy, Circumpolar star, Monatomic gas, Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Exozodiacal dust, Curved mirror, Slowly varying envelope approximation, Visible spectrum, Lyman series, Multispectral image, Refracting telescope, Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy, Proportional counter, Atmosphere of Mercury, Wire chamber, Kasha's rule, Einstein coefficients, Stellar wind, Diffraction efficiency, Methane monooxygenase, Solar constant, Irradiance, Cubic harmonic, Photoemission spectroscopy, Frequency-resolved optical gating, Fluorescence, Thresholding, Diffraction grating, Molecular orbital, Delta II, N ray, Rubidium, Molecular electronic transition, Isotopic shift, X-ray laser, Spatial frequency, Luminous flux, Luminous flame, Time-resolved spectroscopy, Backscatter, Praseodymium, Ti:sapphire laser, Solar irradiance, Laser pumping, Sodium-vapor lamp, Femtosecond pulse shaping, Black body, Circular dichroism, Stopped flow, Mirage, Isotopes of caesium, Chemical structure, Stellar classification, Holography, Dot crawl, Density of states, Cloud albedo, Sound, Magnetic quantum number, Compound prism, Shielding effect, Lyman-alpha line, Charge-coupled device, Holographic grating, Absorption band, Refractometer, Secondary electrons, Fourier transform spectroscopy, Guided-mode resonance, Moreton wave, Picosecond, Temperature measurement, Electronic structure, Albedo, Infrared lamp, Homogeneous broadening, Molecular entity, Isotopes of rubidium, Four-wave mixing, Total internal reflection, Cassegrain reflector, VNIR, Electron configuration, Babcock Model, Heteronuclear molecule, Planetary nebula, Spectral color, Sound amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, Phase curve, Damping, Ultrashort pulse, Azimuthal quantum number, Laser-induced fluorescence, Mercury-vapor lamp, Monochromator, Electronic anticoincidence, Flint glass, Coherent backscattering, Wavefront, Vibrational circular dichroism, Spitzer Space Telescope, Pascal, Triplet state, Ultrafast laser spectroscopy, Resonator, Oxygenate, Far-infrared laser, Photothermal therapy, Atomic orbital, Optical rectification, Photodetector, Radiance, Transmission Raman spectroscopy, Femtochemistry, Asteroseismology, Dye laser, Far infrared, Plasmonic nanoparticles, Förster resonance energy transfer, Laser linewidth, Spectrum, H-alpha, Liquid scintillation counting, Waveguide, Franck–Condon principle, Voigt profile, Hydrogen spectral series, Tunable laser, Surface power density, Radiometer, Achromatic lens, Photoionisation cross section, Blueshift, Bunsen burner, Rydberg constant, Peroxyoxalate, Luminosity function, Saturable absorption, Flame, Emission spectrum, Solar simulator, Interstellar cloud, Radiant intensity, Fluorescence microscope, Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy, Dispersive prism, Variable star, Near and far field, Pyrometer, Intersystem crossing, X-ray magnetic circular dichroism, Noble gas, Path length, Zodiacal light, Dispersion, Rutherford model, Laser power scaling, Ronchi test, Electron shell, Redshift, Laser beam welding, Wavenumber, Doppler effect, Strontium vapor laser, Wolf–Rayet star, Quantum yield, Atom, Transcription bubble, Diffraction, Neodymium, Streak camera, Linear transport theory, Radiant flux, Opacity, Insolation, Thermal radiation, In-phase and quadrature components, Apochromat, Fermi contact interaction, Hot mirror, Atomic theory, Spectral width, Ray, Diffuse sky radiation, Quantum efficiency, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics, Channel, Microwave digestion, Chemical property, Angular momentum coupling, Electron spectroscopy, Collimated light, Blue, Photodissociation, Emission theory, Stokes shift, Pseudorandom binary sequence, Phase boundary, Methane, Wavelength, Fraunhofer lines, Distributed Bragg reflector, Complementary colors, Scintillation counter, Electromagnetically induced grating, Nonlinear optics, Spatial filter, Spectroradiometer, Cavity ring-down spectroscopy, Langmuir probe, Scientific instrument, Plasma diagnostics, Ferromagnetic resonance, Doppler broadening, Laser ultrasonics, Photomixing, Birefringence, Astronomical spectroscopy, Dichroic filter, Light pollution, Dimensional metrology, Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy, Photocathode, Maser, Gran Telescopio Canarias, Vibrating string, Photoluminescence, Network covalent bonding, Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, Light beam, Shadow, Spectral line, Bandwidth extension, Spin quantum number, Opposition surge, Extended X-ray absorption fine structure, Spontaneous emission, Atomic emission spectroscopy, Spectral resolution, Argon flash, Energy level, Imaging spectrometer, Tholin, Blazed grating, Optical parametric amplifier, Rotational temperature, Bolometer, Inert gas, Prism, Eigenmode expansion, Hyperfine structure, Traceability, Supercontinuum, Band mapping, Normal mode, Microwave, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, Limb darkening, Coherent spectroscopy, Semiconductor detector, Infrared, Interstellar medium, Refraction, Space weathering, Photon upconversion, Zero field splitting, Inverse photoemission spectroscopy, Longitudinal mode, Bond albedo, Stellar atmosphere, Resonance, Dust lane, Electromagnetic radiation, d-block contraction, Balancing machine, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Singlet fission, Chromophore, Methemalbumin, Polarimetry, Astronomical survey, Photoelectric sensor, Ground state, Inductively coupled plasma, Photomultiplier, Room temperature, Scintillator, Hollow-cathode lamp, Vibronic spectroscopy, Permease, Active laser medium, Rotational spectroscopy, Auxochrome, Coronal hole, Ultraviolet visible spectroscopy, Principal quantum number, Chromosphere, Flame test, Indigo, Periodic systems of small molecules, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Spectral line shape, Xenon, Tuned mass damper, Ultraviolet catastrophe, Molecule, Refractive index, Brillouin scattering, Ashing, Balmer series, Scattering, Mechanical resonance, Hydrogen-like atom, Units of energy, Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering, Bohr radius, Laser guide star, Electron nuclear double resonance, Cobalt blue, Measurement uncertainty, Equivalent width, Auger effect, Arbitrary unit, Optical fiber, Standing wave, Fluorometer, Black, Optical microcavity, Chemical imaging, Photosphere, Adaptive optics, Tanabe–Sugano diagram, Halo, Melde's experiment, Noble gas configuration, Astronomical seeing, Optical depth, Cuvette, Bohr model, Full spectral imaging, Synchronization networks, Coronal loop, Dipole, Liquid crystal tunable filter, Cross-polarized wave generation, Solar prominence, Metrology, Absorption, Spectral bands, Periodic trends, Photoexcitation, Atomic spectroscopy, Femtosecond, Spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction, Mulliken population analysis, Gamma ray, Photometer, Stefan–Boltzmann law, Oscillation, Crest, Mode-locking, Picometre, Avalanche photodiode, Dark current, Molecular vibration, Stimulated emission, Selection rule, Engine knocking, Reflecting telescope, Chromatic aberration, Light, Nanometrology, Photon gas, Selective surface, Photoionization, Laporte rule, Slater's rules, Gamma spectroscopy, Attophysics, Laser dye, Wien approximation, Glass code, Time delay and integration, Periodic Table, Beer–Lambert law, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Wave, Optical filter, Isomeric shift, Aufbau principle, Radiometry, Cross-phase modulation, Transporter Classification Database, Carbon dioxide sensor, Extreme ultraviolet, Blood irradiation therapy, Gamma ray spectrometer, Absorbance, Full width at half maximum, Low emissivity, Luminescence, Mössbauer effect, Mechanical impedance, Spectral imaging, Photonics, Fano resonance, Second-harmonic generation, Spectrometer, Homonuclear molecule, Effective atomic number, Rotational–vibrational coupling, Huygens–Fresnel principle, Coronal radiative losses, Color of water, Radiation chemistry, Effective nuclear charge, Optical tweezers, Carbon star, Mössbauer spectroscopy, Alpha-particle spectroscopy, Green fluorescent protein, Rydberg–Ritz combination principle, Fabry–Pérot interferometer, Nanoflares, Excited state, Scanning tunneling spectroscopy, Photodiode, Evershed effect, Optical path length, Ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy, Stark effect, Brightness temperature, Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy, Beam divergence, Inelastic scattering, Ionization energy, Thermoluminescent dosimeter, Imaging spectroscopy, Interferometry, Zeeman effect, Singlet state, Isosbestic point, Terahertz radiation, Half power point, Extended periodic table, Cluster, Fine structure, White light interferometry, Hyperspectral imaging, Scale height, Physical property, Core electron, Wave propagation, Image sensor, Nanometre, Green flash, Light scattering, Nitrogen inversion, Calibration, Amplitude, Flash blindness, Dispersion relation, Fiber laser, Inelastic neutron scattering, Rotating wave approximation, Cold vapour atomic fluorescence spectroscopy, Whispering gallery, Geometric albedo, Chemiluminescence, Numerical aperture, Sunlight, Gegenschein, Sunspot, Saha ionization equation, Raman spectroscopy, Rabi cycle, Fiber Bragg grating, Colorimetry, Photoelectric effect, K correction, Terahertz metamaterials, Spin–orbit interaction, Potential energy surface, Hybrid silicon laser, Photoluminescence excitation, Raman scattering, Weighting, Rayleigh scattering, Rigid rotor, Sine wave, Rydberg formula, Natural frequency, Gas mantle, Tyndall effect, Radio wave, Plum pudding model, Corona, Accuracy and precision, Radiation properties, Characteristic X-ray, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Harmonic oscillator, Minimum deviation, Force spectroscopy, Electromagnetically induced transparency, Attosecond, Transmittance, Frequency, Nonlinear resonance, Critical speed, Population inversion, Amplified spontaneous emission, Caesium, Chirped pulse amplification, Orange, Wolf number, Comb generator, Infrared heater, Primary mirror, Condensation particle counter, Jablonski diagram, Optical pumping, Electron paramagnetic resonance, Filling factor, Flash photolysis, Infrared cut-off filter, Forbidden mechanism, Complementary sequences, Infrared window, Two-photon absorption, Term symbol, Orbital eccentricity, Pea galaxy, Fresnel equations, Spectral signature, Neutral density filter, Old quantum theory, Flavin group, Avalanche breakdown, Bragg's law, Deformable mirror, X-ray absorption fine structure, Wien's displacement law, Diffuse interstellar band, Relativistic quantum chemistry, Certified reference materials, Solar rotation, Helioseismology, Spectral flux density, Temporal resolution, Thermal infrared spectroscopy, Photodegradation, Phosphorescence, Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope, Q factor

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