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Plasmonic metamaterials, Atomic de Broglie microscope, Surface plasmon polariton, Lead, Scanning ion-conductance microscopy, Spaser, Microphotonics, Metamaterial antenna, Electrical length, Quarter-wave impedance transformer, Nanoradio, Dual-polarization interferometry, Terahertz metamaterials, Biconical antenna, Split-ring resonator, Plasmonic lens, Velocity factor, Kinetic inductance, Extraordinary optical transmission, Dielectric heating, Reflection coefficient, Superlens, Nanocomputer, Nantenna, Plasmon, Near-field optics, Nonlinear metamaterials, Near-field scanning optical microscope, Ferroresonance in electricity networks, Nanocircuitry, Artificial dielectrics, Coupling coefficient of resonators, Via fence, Optode, Nanopillar, Evanescent wave, Stub, Theories of cloaking, Fresnel zone antenna, Negative refraction, Resonant inductive coupling, Negative index metamaterials, Transformation optics, Surface plasmon resonance, Nanofoam, Rectenna, Nanoelectrochemistry, Photonic metamaterial, Metamaterial absorber, Metamaterial, Slotted line, Nanoshell, Plasmonic solar cell, Plasma oscillation, Radio frequency power transmission, Diffraction-limited system, Surface plasmon

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