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Paper Recommendation
2005 Experimental Observation of The Quantum Hall Effect and Berry's Phase in Graphene.

1973 Improved Estimation of Secondary Structure in Ribonucleic Acids

2003 A Vision For The Future of Genomics Research

1976 Seveso: The Aftermath

2002 Quantum Phase Transition From A Superfluid To A Mott insulator in A Gas of Ultracold atoms

2003 Association of The T-cell Regulatory Gene CTLA4 With Susceptibility To Autoimmune Disease

2003 Reduced Drag Coefficient For High Wind Speeds in Tropical Cyclones

2002 Naturally Secreted Oligomers of Amyloid |[beta]| Protein Potently inhibit Hippocampal Long-term Potentiation in Vivo

2001 Industrial Biocatalysis Today and Tomorrow

1998 Specific interference By ingested DsRNA.

2003 Cloning of Adiponectin Receptors That Mediate Antidiabetic Metabolic Effects

2001 Genome Sequence of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia Coli O157:H7

1972 Neuraminidase Stimulates Division and Sugar Uptake in Density-inhibited Cell Cultures

2000 Molecular Portraits of Human Breast Tumours

1999 Growing Season Extended in Europe

2002 Functional Neurogenesis in The Adult Hippocampus

2002 Humans integrate Visual and Haptic information in A Statistically Optimal Fashion

1972 Concanavalin A As An inducer of Human Lymphocyte Mitogenic Factor

2000 Nano-sized Transition-metal Oxides As Negative-electrode Materials Forlithium-ion Batteries

1972 Pulsar Glitches and The Metastability of The Superfluid Core