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1999 A Stimulatory Phalloid Organ in A Weaver Bird

2003 Single-nanowire Electrically Driven Lasers

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1977 Digital Image Restoration

2002 Inflammation in atherosclerosis

2002 Inflammation and Cancer

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2002 Functional Organization of The Yeast Proteome By Systematic Analysis of Protein Complexes

2001 Quantum Computing in Molecular Magnets

2002 Transition-metal-based Magnetic Refrigerants For Room-temperature Applications

2001 Oncogenic Kinase Signalling

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1998 Collective Dynamics of |[lsquo]|small-world|[rsquo]| Networks

2005 Two-dimensional Gas of Massless Dirac Fermions in Graphene

2001 Selective Recognition of Methylated Lysine 9 on Histone H3 By The HP1 Chromo Domain