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2000 Surfing The P53 Network

1997 Light-induced Amphiphilic Surfaces

2001 Indium Phosphide Nanowires As Building Blocks For Nanoscale Electronicand Optoelectronic Devices

2001 The Hormone Resistin Links Obesity To Diabetes

1973 Two Genetic Types of Normal Colour Vision?

1973 Turnover of Ribosomes in Embryoless Half-Seeds of Barley induced By Gibberellic Acid

2002 Systematic Identification of Protein Complexes in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae By Mass Spectrometry


2001 Ordered Nanoporous Arrays of Carbon Supporting High Dispersions of Platinum Nanoparticles

1971 Isotope Anomalies in Rare Gases

2002 Antimicrobial Peptides of Multicellular Organisms

2001 Direct Splitting of Water Under Visible Light Irradiation With An Oxide Semiconductor Photocatalyst

2001 Lethality and Centrality in Protein Networks

2001 Initial Sequencing and Analysis of The Human Genome

1999 From Molecular To Modular Cell Biology

1975 Identification of Two Related Pentapeptides From The Brain With Potent Opiate Agonist Activity

1999 Green Processing Using Ionic Liquids and CO2

2001 Stem Cells, Cancer, and Cancer Stem Cells.

2000 Conservation of The Sequence and Temporal Expression of Let-7 Heterochronic Regulatory RNA

1975 Metal Chelate Affinity Chromatography, A New Approach To Protein Fractionation