Capacity Of Wireless Networks With Social Characteristics.

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Authors: Luoyi FuWentao HuangXiaoying GanFeng YangXinbing Wang
Published in: IEEE Transactions On Wireless Communications
Year: 2016   
DOI: 10.1109/TWC.2015.2491278
Citations: 0
this paper studies the throughput capacity of wireless networks with social characteristics we propose a simple model to reflect both the social relations between nodes and power law node degree distribution , and then examine their impact on capacity we show the fact that two features above lead to traffic locality and improve capacity moreover , multicasting may be employed to further enhance performance when information is desired to be published from the source to all its contacts , of which the number follows power law distribution in addition , we propose the corresponding capacity achieving communication schemes which optimally exploit the underlying structure our study is an attempt to understand how social relations may impact on network capacity from a theoretical perspective , and provides fundamental insight on the design and analysis of real wireless networks
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