Turbo Codes For PCS Applications

Basic infomation
Authors: Dariush DivsalarFabrizio Pollara
Published in: International Conference On Communications
Year: 1995   
DOI: 10.1109/ICC.1995.525138
Citations: 269
turbo codes are the most exciting and potentially important development in coding theory in many years they were introduced in 1993 by berrou , glavieux and thitimajshima , and claimed to achieve near shannon limit error correction performance with relatively simple component codes and large interleavers a required eb no of 0 7 db was reported for ber of 10 5 and code rate of 1 2 however , some important details that are necessary to reproduce these results were omitted this paper confirms the accuracy of these claims , and presents a complete description of an encoder decoder pair that could be suitable for pcs applications we describe a new simple method for trellis termination , we analyze the effect of interleaver choice on the weight distribution of the code , and we introduce the use of unequal rate component codes which yields better performance turbo codes are extended to encoders with multiple codes and a suitable decoder structure is developed , which is substantially different from the decoder for two code based encoders
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