Room-Temperature Continuous-Wave Vertical-Cavity Single-Quantum-Well Microlaser Diodes

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Authors: Y H LeeJack L JewellAxel SchererS L MccallJ P HarbisonL T Florez
Published in: Electronics Letters
Year: 1989   
Citations: 69
room temperature continuous and pulsed lasing of vertical cavity , single quantum well , surface emitting microlasers is achieved at approximately 983 nm the active ga0 8in0 2as single quantum well is 100 aa thick these microlasers have the smallest gain medium volumes among lasers ever built the entire laser structure is grown by molecular beam epitaxy and the microlasers are formed by chemically assisted ion beam etching the microlasers are 3 50 mu m across the minimum threshold currents are 1 1 ma \( pulsed \) and 1 5 ma \( cw \)
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