A Comparison Of Commercial And Military Computer Security Policies

Basic infomation
Authors: David D ClarkDavid R Wilson
Published in: IEEE Symposium On Security And Privacy
Published in: Scientific Programming
Year: 1987   
DOI: 10.1109/SP.1987.10001
Citations: 606
most discussions of computer security focus on control of disclosure in particular , the u s department of defense has developed a set of criteria for computer mechanisms to provide control of classified information however , for that core of data processing concerned with business operation and control of assets , the primary security concern is data integrity this paper presents a policy for data integrity based on commercial data processing practices , and compares the mechanisms needed for this policy with the mechanisms needed to enforce the lattice model for information security we argue that a lattice model is not sufficient to characterize integrity policies , and that distinct mechanisms are needed to control disclosure and to provide integrity
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