Link Performance Models For System Level Simulations Of Broadband Radio Access Systems

Basic infomation
Authors: Karsten BrueninghausDavid AstelyThomas SalzerSamuli VisuriAngeliki AlexiouS KargerG A Seraji
Published in: Personal, Indoor And Mobile Radio Communications
Year: 2005   
DOI: 10.1109/PIMRC.2005.1651855
Citations: 257
this paper gives an overview of some so called link performance models used in system level simulations to determine the link packet error rate \( per \) at reduced complexity a subset of link performance models is evaluated in terms of per prediction accuracy focusing on a single receive and transmit antenna ofdm link with different coding options and channel characteristics the results demonstrate that a mutual information based metric which accounts for the modulation alphabet is preferable in the considered cases and , furthermore , applicable to the large class of mimo ofdm transmission techniques with linear pre and post processing
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