A Symbolic Analysis Of Relay And Switching Circuits







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Authors: Claude E Shannon
Published in: Transactions Of The American Institute Of Electrical Engineers
Year: 1938   
DOI: 10.1109/T-AIEE.1938.5057767
Citations: 216
in the control and protective circuits of complex electrical systems it is frequently necessary to make intricate interconnections of relay contacts and switches examples of these circuits occur in automatic telephone exchanges , industrial motor control equipment , and in almost any circuits designed to perform complex operations automatically in this article a mathematical analysis of certain of the properties of such networks will be made particular attention will be given to the problem of network synthesis given certain characteristics , it is required to find a circuit incorporating these characteristics the solution of this type of problem is not unique and methods of finding those particular circuits requiring the least number of relay contacts and switch blades will be studied methods will also be described for finding any number of circuits equivalent to a given circuit in all operating characteristics it will be shown that several of the well known theorems on impedance networks have roughly analogous theorems in relay circuits notable among these are the delta wye \( \? y \) and star mesh transformations , and the duality theorem
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