Recoverability Of Communication Protocols--Implications Of A Theoretical Study

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Authors: Philip M MerlinDavid J Farber
Published in: IEEE Transactions On Communications
Year: 1976   
DOI: 10.1109/TCOM.1976.1093424
Citations: 317
a study is presented which permits the formal analysis and synthesis of recoverable computer communication protocols this study is based on a formal representation of processes by a model of computation , the petri nets \( pn 's \) the pn model is generalized to include a representation of the possible failures , and then , the concept of recoverability is formally defined a set of necessary and sufficient conditions which a process must satisfy in order to be recoverable is derived in the pn model , the processes that satisfy these conditions are shown to have some practical limitations a new model , the time petri net \( tpn \) , is introduced to remove these limitations this new model allows the introduction of constraints in the execution times of its part as shown in this paper , the tpn appears to be a suitable model for the study of practical recoverable processes several practical communication protocols are formally designed and analyzed using this new model , and some interesting properties of these protocols are formally derived
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