Internetworking With TCP/IP

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Authors: Douglas E Comer
Year: 1991   
Citations: 422
an internationally best selling , conceptual introduction to the tcp ip protocols andinternetworking , this book interweaves a clear discussion of fundamentals and scientificprinciples with details and examples drawn from the latest technologies leading authordouglas comer covers layering and packet formats for all the internet protocols , includingtcp , ipv4 , ipv6 , dhcp , and dns in addition , the text explains new trends in internetsystems , including packet classification , software defined networking \( sdn \) , and meshprotocols used in the internet of things the text is appropriate for individuals interested in learning more about tcp ip protocols , internet architecture , and current networking technologies , as well as engineers who buildnetwork systems it is suitable for junior to graduate level courses in computer networks , data networks , network protocols , and internetworking
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