Predicate Detection In Asynchronous Distributed Systems: A Probabilistic Approach







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Authors: Weiping ZhuJiannong CaoMichel Raynal
Published in: IEEE Transactions On Computers
Year: 2016   
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in an asynchronous distributed system , a number of processes communicate with each other via message passing that has a finite but arbitrary long delay there is no global clock in that system predicates , denoting the states of processes and their relations , are often used to specify the information of interest in such a system due to the lack of a global clock , the temporal relations between the states at different processes cannot be uniquely determined , but have multiple possible circumstances existing works of predicate detection are based on the definitely modality or the possibly modality , denoting that a predicate holds in all of the possible circumstances or in one of them , respectively no information is provided about the probability that a predicate will hold , which hinders the taking of countermeasures for different situations moreover , the detection is based on single occurrence of a predicate , so the results are heavily affected by environmental noise and detection errors in this paper , we propose a new approach to predicate detection to address these two issues we generalize the definitely and possibly modalities to an occurrence probability to provide more detailed information , and further investigate how to detect multiple occurrences of a predicate we propose a unified algorithm framework for detecting various types of predicates and demonstrate the use of it for three typical types of predicates , including simple predicates , simple sequences , and interval constrained sequences theoretical proofs and simulation results show that our approach is effective and outperforms existing approaches
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