Sequel 2: A Unified Approach To Data Definition, Manipulation, And Control

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Authors: Donald D ChamberlinMorton M AstrahanKapali P EswaranP C GriffithsRaymond LorieJ W MehlPhilipp ReisnerBradford W Wade
Published in: Ibm Journal Of Research And Development
Year: 1976   
DOI: 10.1147/rd.206.0560
Citations: 237
sequel 2 is a relational data language that provides a consistent , english keyword oriented set of facilities for query , data definition , data manipulation , and data control sequel 2 may be used either as a stand alone interface for nonspecialists in data processing or as a data sublanguage embedded in a host programming language for use by application programmers and data base administrators this paper describes sequel 2 and the means by which it is coupled to a host language
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