Carrier Sensing Range Analysis In A General IEEE 802.11 Network With Physical‐layer Network Coding







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Authors: Shijun LinJianghong Shi
Published in: Wireless Communications And Mobile Computing
Year: 2015   
DOI: 10.1002/wcm.2489
Citations: 0
in this paper , we investigate the carrier sensing range csr of a general 802 11 network with physical layer network coding pnc we aim to derive a sufficient csr that can prevent the hidden node collisions in a general 802 11 pnc network the analysis includes two steps first , we analyze the six link to link interference cases in an 802 11 pnc network to show that the mutual interference will be most severe when each node in the network initiates a two hop end node link second , we consider the worst interference case that all concurrently transmitting links in the network are two hop end node links and placed in the densest manner and develop a closed form expression of a sufficient csr that prevents the hidden node collisions in a pnc network from the analysis results , we find that to prevent the hidden node collisions , the csr in pnc network should be bigger than the one in traditional non network coding network furthermore , we carry out extensive simulations to find out the throughput gain of pnc scheme in a general wireless network when considering the impact of csr simulation results show that compared with the non network coding scheme , pnc scheme has throughput gain when a large proportion i e , 90 of links in the network are two hop links and the link density has little effect on the throughput gain of pnc scheme copyright 169 2014 john wiley sons , ltd
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