Base Station Location -Aware Optimization Model Of The Lifetime Of Wireless Sensor Networks







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Authors: Nguyen Thanh TungHuynh Thi Thanh Binh
Published in: Mobile Networks And Applications
Year: 2015   
DOI: 10.1007/s11036-015-0614-3
Citations: 0
recently , wireless sensor networks \( wsns \) have been progressively applied in various fields and areas however , its limited energy resources is indisputably one of the weakest point that strongly affects the network 's lifetime a wsn consists of a sensor node set and a base station the initial energy of each sensor node will be depleted continuously during data transmission to the base station either directly or through intermediate nodes , depending on the distance between sending and receiving nodes this paper consider determining an optimal base station location such that the energy consumption is kept lowest , maximizing the network 's lifetime and propose a nonlinear programming model for this optimizing problem our proposed method for solving this problem is to combine methods mentioned in 1 respectively named the centroid , the smallest total distances , the smallest total squared distances and two greedy methods then an improved greedy method using a lp tool provided in gusek library is presented finally , all of the above methods are compared with the optimized solution over 30 randomly created data sets the experimental results show that a relevant location for the base station is essential
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