Research Keywords
Paper Recommendation
1960 Man-Computer Symbiosis

1962 Predictive Control Of Eye Tracking Movements

1961 Man-Computer Cooperation In Decisions Requiring Common Sense

1962 The Human Operator As A Sampled-Data System

1961 A Selected Descriptor-Indexed Bibliography To The Literature On Artificial Intelligence

1961 Computer Languages For Symbol Manipulation

1962 A Comparison Between Human Operator And Optimum Linear Controller RMS-Error Performance

1961 Transmission Of Information In Simple Manual Control Systems

1961 Why Design For Maintainability?

1960 Desirable Push-Button Characteristics

1961 Automatic Recognition Of Speech

1961 Reading Machines For The Blind

1961 Programming Intelligent Problem Solvers

1962 Machine Recognition Of Constrained Handwritten Arabic Numbers

1961 Human-Initiated Failures And Malfunction Reporting

1961 The Diagnostic Process In Men And Automata

1961 Research Data On Maintainability

1960 Coordinality - A Measure Of Man-Machine Coupling

1960 The Use Of Quickening In One Coordinate Of A Two-Dimensional Tracking System

1960 A Comparative Evaluation Of A Pursuit Moving-Airplane Steering Display