Research Keywords
Paper Recommendation
1958 Modified Spin‐Echo Method For Measuring Nuclear Relaxation Times

1966 Application Of Fourier Transform Spectroscopy To Magnetic Resonance

1955 Time‐of‐Flight Mass Spectrometer With Improved Resolution

1974 Coupling Scheme And Probe Damper For Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Single Coil Probe

1970 A Rapid Quenching Technique For The Preparation Of Thin Uniform Films Of Amorphous Solids

1970 A New Flange Design For O‐Ring Seals

1950 Improvements In Mass Spectrometers For The Measurement Of Small Differences In Isotope Abundance Ratios

1973 An Optical Fluorescence System For Quantitative Pressure Measurement In The Diamond‐Anvil Cell

1966 Field Emission Ultramicrometer

1973 Magnetic Multipole Containment Of Large Uniform Collisionless Quiescent Plasmas

1972 Heat Capacity Measurements On Small Samples At Low Temperatures

1981 Fabry–Perot Cavity Pulsed Fourier Transform Microwave Spectrometer With A Pulsed Nozzle Particle Source

1970 An Improved Method For High Reflectivity Ellipsometry Based On A New Polarization Modulation Technique


1974 Miniature Diamond Anvil Pressure Cell For Single Crystal X‐ray Diffraction Studies

1967 X‐Ray Diffraction And Optical Observations On Crystalline Solids Up To 300 Kbar

1972 A Simple, Low Power, Multiple Pulse NMR Spectrometer.

1957 Bridge For Accurate Measurement Of Ferroelectric Hysteresis

1935 Precision Lattice Constants From X‐Ray Powder Photographs

1973 An Analysis Of The Transmission Properties Of Spherical Electrostatic Electron Spectrometers