Highlight Journal/Conference in papermap

For each paper map under a certain topic, now we provide the top 5 journals and conferences in this topic. If you put your mouse on a certain venue, papers published in this venue will start to blink. And by checking the venue, all the papers of this venue will highlight and others will be hided. Try it

Hot keywords Extraction

We have reasoned hot words for each paper by analyzing the citation network. Each paper may have several keywords. However, these keywords can not reflect all of the key points in this paper and its derivative points. Hot keywords utilize the information of neighbors in the academic network. Latent Dirichlet Allocation, for instance, has some general keywords at first. In the hot words, there are many surprising points. We can not find general topics related to LDA, but also applications and methods strong associated with LDA. These words can offer researchers a great opportunity to take a insight into this paper.

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127,324,369 papers ready to be searched

Now our search engine have index hundreds of millions of papers, which cover almost all the papers (written in english) publish up to now. You can type anything, like title, author and venue, to search papers. And we provide the statistic of searched result. By clicking columns in the statistic chart, you can refine the result.

Statistic function of search result

After searching a phrase, Acemap will return a more comprehensive result now. It displays the time trend and distribution of keywords of related papers as well as potential related entity such as conferences, authors, etc. You can click on them to refresh the page with different papers related to a special keyword or author.

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