Topic Map

This map shows the relationship between different academic topics. In this map, each color represents one huge topic, like computer science, biology and mathematics, which can be called Level 0 topics.


Under each L0 topic, there are some child topics(Level 1 or Level 2 depends on their size). For example, artificial neural network and information security are both the child topic of L0 topic computer science. And these topics are showed by circles in this map. Each circle means a L1 or L2 topic and the size means the size of the representative topic.


You can use wheel to zoom this map, and for better view effect, the name of topics will occur or hide automatically depending on currently zoom level. What's more, if you put your mouse on any circle, the child topics(Level 3 topics) of each L1 or L2 level topic will be showed at the right side of this page.


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