New Academic Map

Recently, we updated our academic map in Academic Map , in which a cycle means a paper and a link between cycles means the citation and reference relation. Generally it has 13 different layers, in each of which you can see different views of the Academic Map. At the same time, we use different color to identify the papers that have different fields.

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Mapping Conference

In previous presentations of conferences, most were aimed at only one conference, and there were few studies and comparisons between the two conferences. When a scholar is relatively familiar with a conference, and he wants to understand a similar conference, and wants to know whether the most of the scholars in this conference are also published papers in another conference, or want to know whether the conference is a reference of another conference. So, How can we know the information? CCF conference category provides information about the conference classification, However, Even two conferences under the same category, they may also be different because the scope of the collection of articles and research direction is not consistent, also do not have any contact between the author and paper. Therefore, we use the method of visualization to generate paper comparison map and author comparison map between two conferences under the same category in the CCF conference category, which can show the difference and connection between any two conferences.

(1) Conference Author's Comparison Map
In the author's comparison map, we selected the top 1,000 authors from each conference, and attach them with a red dot and a green dot. The yellow dots represent the authors that published papers in both conferences. If two authors have published a paper together in two conferences, the points would be linked by an edge. The more papers that have been published together, the greater the weight of the edge, the closer the two points.

SIGMOD&VLDB_author contrast map .png
Fig.1:SIGMOD & VLDB Author Comparison Map
SIGMOD&SIGIR_author contrast map .png
Fig.2:SIGMOD & SIGIR Author Comparison Map

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Query-based mentorship map

In this map, we focus on one particular author and provide unlimited query based on mentorship relation. There are one node in front of each author and one behind, and the color of each node represents if there are any information about the author’s mentors/students in our database. If the node’s color is blue, it means that this node can be expanded and users can view the mentorship relation by clicking on that node. We mainly focus on the functionality of this map: users can update the structure of mentorship network by unlimited query; the results of query can be visualized in a more intuitive way.

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Academic Combination Map

Do you know the relationship between each two different academic fields?
We have analyzed and visualized the connections among paper in each two different academic sub-fields under Computer Science. Also, we analyzed and visualized the connections among paper between each two sub-fields cross Mathematics and Physics. Furthermore, we have categorized these combination maps by several features.
Algorithm&Embedded system.png

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