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High Influential Researcher List 2017-06-13

High Influential Researcher List for universities in C9 League, Project 985 as well as top50 of QS University Rank is jointly published by Acemap and ChinaSo, which detailed information

Top influential professors in each affiliation 2017-05-14

We have ranked all professors in each affiliation, and now the rank can be found in each affiliation page (e.g. [SJTU][1], [Tsinghua][2], [MIT][3]). This ranking is

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Do you know the relationship among Turing award winners? 2017-05-10

This year is the 50 anniversary of Turing award and, up to now, 65 scientists has won this award. But do you know the relationship of so many winners? We have visualized the relationshi

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Mentoring Relationship Discovery 2017-05-06

We have discovered the mentoring relationship between researchers. we extracted several features between pair of researchers and use a neural network classifier to predict whether the o

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Co-author Map: new interface and more functions 2017-04-21

We have updated the Co-author map, and now it has a new interface and more functions. ![Co-author Map][1] You can get information of researchers in the left panel b