What's New

New Academic Map 2017-12-05

Recently, we updated our academic map in [Academic Map][1] , in which a cycle means a paper and a link between cycles means the citation and reference relation. Generally it has 13 diff

Mapping Conference 2017-12-02

In previous presentations of conferences, most were aimed at only one conference, and there were few studies and comparisons between the two conferences. When a scholar is relatively fa

Query-based mentorship map 2017-12-02

In this map, we focus on one particular author and provide unlimited query based on mentorship relation. There are one node in front of each author and one behind, and the color of each

Academic Combination Map 2017-12-02

Do you know the relationship between each two different academic fields? We have analyzed and visualized the connections among paper in each two different academic sub-fields under ***

Mentorship Map and Mentorship Hierarchical Map 2017-12-02

**1. Mentorship Map** Mentorship relationship is a special relationship between academic cooperation. To observe the mentorship of top authors of certain areas, we draw the maps of Men